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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Heviz Thermal Lake

Hungary is famous for its spa and thermal lakes.
Heviz is the largest (47,500 square meters) thermal  lake in the world and quite famous for tourists and locals.
Heviz thermal lake is about 200 km from Budapest and located at the edge of famous Balaton lake ( fresh water lake). The most easiest way is to come by car or take a day trip by some travel agency. The water of the lake includes many useful minerals and the temperature of the lake remains warm enough even in cold winters, and ranges form 22 to 38C. The water is replaced naturally in 3 days and its possible to see many water lilies floating on the lake.
Time and Cost
It takes nearly 2 hour to reach by car and there are multiple car parking nearby, the parking is not expensive but can be full in peak season and you need to park at a far place. The parking cost 100 HUF per hour. There are multiple option when visiting the lake, you can visit( without going inside lake) for 30 min for the cheapest price, the 3 hour swimming package is the most common choice for tourist, and it cost 9 Euro for adults and nearly 7 Euro if you are student. The ticket counter gives you a plastic band to enter the area and inform you about the remaining time. There are free lockers to keep your expensive things like jewelry or mobile and key can be attached to the band. the locker requires a coin to operate and the coin is automatically returned after you leave the key.
What to Expect
The thermal lakes are warm and source for may flora and fauna,the green algae and water lilies could be irritating for some but the warm water and beautiful surrounding is just inexpressible. There are multiple Shezlong Chairs available near the lake and if you cant find then walk few meters and you will see many option where you can swim and keep your belongings.
You can chose to swim either the closed roof area of the open air, usually old people are in the closed roof area, but there is not fixed rule. Keep a floating tube with you as the lake is huge and the depth is 2 meter till 80 meter so that means you cannot put your feet to ground and its not possible to keep swimming all the time. There are metal frames after every 10-20 meter to hold and rest in the lake. The tubes and swimming accessories can be rented on spot too. The water inside the closed roof smells little strange but that can be just because of the algae growth in the water.
The lake has excellent facilities like shower rooms, toilets, food area, massage center, fitness center etc. There is no need to do any reservation before going.
Here are some pics form the place.

Overall its a great place with good facilities and I totally recommend it.
This website can give more details on the facilities and prices

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